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Shipping Car to California

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Shipping Car to California with We Will Transport It. If you’re a mover looking for shipping cars to California, you’ve come to the perfect place. With the most skilled and experienced personnel as well as well-equipped carriers, we provide dependable, timely, and safe delivery. Moreover, we have a great average ranking online when you search on Google or other review engine sites.

Whether you need shipping cars to California or to transport your vehicle, motorcycle, or truck, We Will Transport It offers the service to meet your needs. We work selectively with handpicked companies with a reputation for shipping cars to California and keeping your car secure and safe from pickup to drop-off.

California Transportation

Situated on the west coast of the United States, the state is one of the most densely inhabited, ranking third after Texas and Alaska. The Golden State is home to some large American mainstays, including Hollywood and Venice Beach.

It’s no wonder millions of people move to California every year. In California, you’ll find booming businesses and the state is a major attraction for tourists.

Auto Shipping from Hawaii to California

Consequently, shipping cars to California is equally huge there because individuals want to be able to get around whether they’re moving for good or simply visiting.

While shipping cars to California is a large industry in California, the state has gained wide recognition for some of the worst roads nationwide. This is partly due to the ever-expanding state population in addition to the huge number of vehicles per household, creating severe traffic in numerous parts of the state.

Shipping Cars to California

If you’re thinking of shipping cars to California you can prevent the stress of driving a vehicle across the state by using one of the carriers we collaborate with.

If you think about the cost of gas and the inconvenience of sitting in traffic, you’ll find it worthwhile to ship your vehicle instead. If you’re wondering what it will cost you for shipping cars to California, fill out our form for a Free Quote.

How much to Ship a Car To California 

Ship Car to California from New York

Car Shipping California, Shipping Car to California with We Will Transport It


Cost to Ship a Car to California

Bear in mind that we can’t offer a flat fee for the service because we must consider these factors:

  • Distance

Generally, the farther your car goes, the higher the cost. For instance, if you’re relocating from New York to California, you’ll incur higher costs than shipping from New York to Illinois. Obviously, an increase in fuel translates into a similar increase in cost.

Moreover, farther shipments need more hours from our driver, which implies a higher cost for shipping cars to California and ultimately higher rates for our customers. By considering how far your car should go, you can obtain an idea of whether it will be expensive.

  • Location

After the distance, the next consideration is your destination and origin. Keep in mind that location is a huge factor in time and shipping rates. If you reside in a major metropolitan region, there are several trucks arriving in and coming out of your city delivering and picking up loads. These areas are highly populated, offering more opportunities for our drivers to pick up more vehicles and generate money, which typically means lower costs for customers.

On the other hand, if you reside in a rural or remote area, fewer people will be looking for shipping cars to California and there will be fewer prospects for generating money. Consequently, it may take some more money for our truckers to conduct business in a remote or rural location.

  • Weight and Size of the Vehicle

An ordinary factor affecting the cost of shipping cars to California is the weight and size of your vehicle. The bigger your car, the more costly it will be to transport. This is because smaller and more compact vehicles take less space and are usually lighter, resulting in an affordable transportation cost.

Large cars, on the other hand, are not only heavier but also take up more space on the trailer thus affecting the truck’s fuel consumption.

  • Vehicle Hauling Season

The vehicle hauling industry has its low and high seasons like most industries. Unlike other moving services, hauling cars to California during the winter could cost you more than during summer. After all, winter is a season during which there are increased traffic and hazardous road conditions.

These factors are likely to increase hauling cars to California costs. While there won’t be a radical price variation between winter and summer auto shipping rates, seasons do influence the price. Furthermore, if you have a high-end vehicle, you may need enclosed shipping that’s more expensive compared to open-air shipping.

  • Loaded Personal Items in the Car

Quite frequently, clients like taking advantage of their car’s space by including personal items in it. Usually, this would be an excellent option for anybody who’s moving because the person can use the car’s passenger and cargo spaces for good transportation while the vehicle itself is being transported.

It’s important to note that this increases the car’s overall weight, which affects the price of hauling cars to California. Although numerous customers wouldn’t mind paying more, most vehicle transporters forbid the loading of personal things in the vehicle.

Even if your items are insured, vehicle-shipping companies aren’t generally licensed to ship household items and will, therefore, decline to do so. Consequently, we advise our clients to arrange for a mover to ship their personal belongings and leave the vehicle empty.

  • Type of Truck

The kind of truck we use shipping cars to California will vary depending on the kind of car you are shipping in addition to your individual needs. If you’re transporting a common family vehicle, an open truck will meet your needs. Remember, it’s more affordable to use open transport since this method exposes your car to the open air, outside elements, and weather. You may opt for the enclosed transport if you own a classic or luxury car, in which case you’ll spend more money.

Shipping Companies in California

If you’re looking to ship a car to California, our quality services will undoubtedly meet your needs. You simply need to contact us and we’ll quote the price of transporting cars to California.

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A Door to Door California Auto Transport Company. We are an Auto Shipping California Company, we have offices in Southern California, Los Angeles, LA, Sacramento, San Diego, The Bay Area of San Francisco, Long Beaches, and nationwide in the US. Our main service is Vehicle Shipping California/Vehicle Transport California, we specialized in doing auto shipping from California to New York, and our truck drivers will give the peace of mind that you deserved with secure and fast delivery.

Shipping Car to California

Car Shipping California, Shipping Car to California with We Will Transport It


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We Will Transport It is a five-star Car Shipping to California, Car Shipping from California, International Shipping Company, and heavy load-hauling specialist we will give you top rate service for a fair price.

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